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One-page Website: Excellent way to Save Money. Here is How

What is a One-Page Website?

A one-page website is all that is – a single page website that displays all your products and services in neat sections. Visitors can immediately understand what your website is about, and in the world of microwave oven and tiktok, visitors want to know what you have to offer in less time when they come to your website. They want to quickly find out what you offer rather than waste time navigating through different pages that offer them nothing. 

On a traditional website, at a minimum, there will be a home page, about page, contact page, products, or services you offer, and more. There is also a navigation menu for access to different pages on the site. 

However, a one-page website doesn’t need multiple pages. The navigation menu simply takes visitors to different sections on the page. A one-page website focuses displays just the important information about the business on a single home page. When a visitor clicks on a navigation menu item, the page scrolls down smoothly to the content section on the same page instead of opening a different webpage. 

A one-page design may not be the right choice for every website, businesses that offer a lot of products and services may need a mor complex site. But if you’re running a small business site, a portfolio, or a simple storefront that is low on budget, a one-page format may the most cost-effective option.

Who needs a one-page website?

A one-page scrolling website is extremely popular for businesses and nonprofit organizations with low budget. In fact, it is now very popular because it allows users to see all your content on a single page. 

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But when is it ideal to opt for a single page website? 

No need for a shopping cartIf you simply introduce online visitors to your product or services and you don’t have an online store.
Portfolios or personal biographyIf you simply want to display a few photos of your services. Ideal for photographers that work offline with clients. They can display a list of their recent work and include a contact information.
Landing Page with no distractionsYou want visitors to see your products and services without any distraction. 
For starter due to budgetNew and small businesses may be low on budget and just want to show their presence online until they are ready to go big.

What are the benefits of a one-page websites for your business?

  • VERY EFFECTIVE, STRAIGHT TO THE POINT! Less information for your visitors to skim through. 
  • Reduce page load time. Page speed is a very important measure of a web performance. A website with lots of pages and images can become slow if not optimized properly. A single page that focuses on a the most important features of a business will load faster and improves users’ experience.
  • Delivers relevant info to your visitors. Your visitors see just enough information to convert as customers. It is all about what information your audience will need, without cluttering the page or overwhelming them and improves users’ experience.
  • Ease of maintenance since there’s very little content to keep up. So, it’s a win-win for both you and the visitor.
  • Low cost to build and maintain. One-page websites work great for any business that has straightforward and easy-to-understand offerings. They also are ideal if you want to create a simple online store or portfolio to showcase your skills. 

Basic features of a Typical One-Page in WordPress

When your website only a single page, you need to thoughtfully select what sections you include that is most beneficial to the goals and mission of your business. So, the elements you add will depend on what type of website you’re creating such as a small business website or online store. 

Sample one page website layout
Click to see a sample one page website layout in details

However, there are a few sections you’ll want to do no matter what:

Logo & NavigationUsually displayed in the header/footer, the logo is the ultimate representation of your brand/company.
Hero Element An image displayed above the fold to display a prominent Call to Action (CTA) button to such as sign-up, contact, or make a purchase
About You or Your BusinessA section to describe you, your company, or your nonprofit organization—letting your site visitors know your brand
Mission StatementThis can include staff bios, mission and vision statements, and your company’s competing edge
Product or Services brief description of your products or services. You could provide a list of more products or services about the brand and what to expect.
TestimonialsThis section is to provide accurate and brief testimonials from other satisfied customers that will help build up trust and credibility.
Contact informationThis section is to show your visitors how to reach you which may include your phone number, email address, mailing address, and your company address and/or driving directions to your service location.
Footer sectionHere you can include links to your social media profiles to allow an easy way for visitors to share your website on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to invite more visitors

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