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Why WordPress is Good for Business

WordPress is the world most popular content management system (CMS) in the business world.  WordPress is used to build all kinds of business and personal websites. WordPress now powers closer to a half of the websites on the world wide web; most governments, major media and entertainment corporations use the platform to build their websites.  It is a very easy platform to create blogs and portfolios.

WordPress is an open-source code files that make up the core structure of a website that can be used by techies and non-techies to design fully functioning sites without needing a single line of code.

What Makes WordPress Good for Business

WordPress is Free and Open Source 

For business owners who are low on budget and would like to have an online presence for their products or services, WordPress makes it possible to set up and run a website by choosing from one of the thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins. The major costs to you will be purchasing a domain name and a hosting account for as low as $7 per year and $3 per month, respectively. 

Anyone can download and install a WordPress theme from WordPress.org on from within the hosting platform or install it directly from your website dashboard. Customizing the website is quite easy with no technical experience. To customize a site and add needed niche-specific functions, you can access thousands of free themes and plugins from the WordPress repository. For the most complex business needs you can also buy premium WordPress themes and plugin options or hire a developer for assistance. 

WordPress is Easy to Install and Use

Once you’ve downloaded WordPress, the setup is quite a breeze. Because WordPress was originally designed for bloggers and publishers with less coding experience, it can be installed in “one-click” and a quick customization will get your site up and running in a very short time. 

Once installed, you can begin setting up your WordPress website and adding content easily from the administrative dashboard of your new website. Although users with web development experience can work directly with the core WordPress files of the site, you can also manage a WordPress site without editing the core code at all.

WordPress is Mobile-Friendly with Responsive Themes

Responsive web design is the way to go these days. In fact, there are more searches and online transactions done from mobile devices than from the conventional desktop computers. That means to be competitive, your business website needs to be mobile-friendly and accessible with any kind of screen sizes. A WordPress business website can be built with mobile-responsive themes that automatically adapt pages and posts for mobile screen of any size.

Versatile and Scalable for the Life of Your Business

Although WordPress was originally designed specifically for blogging, it can be used to create just about any other kind of site as well. WordPress business themes and plugins can be used to create all kinds of unique sites to meet the specific needs of your company. WordPress themes are sets of code that can be overlaid on the core WordPress code which determines the look and feel of a WordPress site. There are thousands of free and premium theme options to choose from in the WordPress theme directory, and many more can be purchased from third-party developers and installed on any WordPress site.

You Have Complete Customization and Control

Free websites are not always free. You must read the fine print from those ads that advertise free websites. They are always limited by the parameters of the hosting provider, and if the host closes, sites can be left without an online home. But the WordPress core code is a self-contained entity that offers all the key features of a fully functional content management system so that users can control all aspects of the site’s appearance, functions, and accessibility.

Because WordPress allows users complete control over their website, WordPress sites offer full customization options to meet the needs and goals of a particular company, right from within WordPress itself. Business owners can handle all those aspects of their own website or decide to hire a web developer or an IT specialist. 

WordPress Comes with a Built-In Business Blog

Blogging about your business on your website can boost your website performance and search engine visibility. So, having an active, content-rich blog can be a powerful tool when starting a content marketing plan for your business. Since WordPress was originally designed for blogging, the platform contains all the elements for creating and managing a blog that can showcase all the things your company offer. The WordPress post and page editor comes with rich text editor that has all the tools for creating and styling text, adding images or multimedia content, and sharing it on social media. These tools make it easy to optimize the site for searches, and cross-post it among other networks.

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