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Website for Restaurant Showcase: Why a website is important for your restaurant business!

Websites are very important for restaurants because they allow people to find out all kinds of things about your restaurant. They can tell people where your restaurant is located, how long it’s been open, what kind of food it serves, and whether it’s good enough to eat there. You can also put up pictures of your menu so that people know what they’re ordering before they go.

Why is a website important for your business?

It is a great way to market your restaurant to potential customers. Your restaurant website doesn’t have to be expensive to build and to achieve your goals and help your brand awareness. Most restaurants think that having a website is an expensive venture. This is simply not the case. You can have an effective website for your restaurant without spending a lot of money. Plus, you can set up a very simple website for starter. 

website design for restaurants,website for restaurantsHow we created an online presence with Keobi Restaurant website.

The website for Keobi Restaurant is a great example of how a restaurant can use a website to promote itself. It’s a simple site with a few pages that show off the restaurant’s menu, photos of the food, and information on the staff.

The Keobi Restaurant is located in the heart of Albany, NY and it was built with a shoestring budget. This website was launched in the first week of the Covid-19 shutdown and has been thriving ever since. We collaborated with the restaurant owners to come up with a simple website to promote the restaurant during the difficult days of the Covid pandemic. Local media was able to link their platforms with the website. Had the site not available, the restaurant wouldn’t have been able to benefit from the generous promotions by the local media when they were trying to encourage people to shop and buy local.

Brand awareness

Having a website will help you build brand awareness. People who visit your site will see what kind of food you serve, how much it costs, and where you are located. This gives people an idea of whether they should go to your restaurant or not.

How we created brand awareness for Keobi Restaurant

I worked with the client for a different iteration of a logo branding and they finally choose a color and a logo that appeals to their brand. This branding shows on the restaurant paintings and on all social media posts.

Build trust with social media marketing.

A website is important for a restaurant because it helps build trust with customers, allows for more information sharing, makes it easier for people to find the restaurant, and showcases the brand. 

There are many different ways to promote your restaurant website, and using social media is one of the most effective platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a great opportunity to reach a large number of people with your message.

How we integrate social media marketing with Keobi Restaurant

Screenshot of Keobi Restaurant Profile on Instagram
Screenshot of Keobi Restaurant Profile on Instagram

Added a blog section: By adding a blog section to the website, we keep customers growing and updated on what’s happening at your restaurant. To keep your website content fresh and up-to-date, we posted blog posts frequently. This effort has also helped to build customer loyalty by providing a personal connection to your restaurant via the integrated MailChimp newsletter. We also added Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to further promote the business.

Provide customer service

Websites also provide customer service. If there’s something wrong with your order, you can contact the restaurant directly through the website. You can even use the website to make reservations.

How we integrated online order with Keobi Restaurant website

As part of creating the website on a budget, rather than creating an ordering feature with the website, we integrated with Doordash services. This remarkably reduced the cost of making the website.

Drive traffic with email marketing.

Email marketing is an effective and cost-effective way to reach people when they are ready to buy.

How we implemented email marketing for Keobi Restaurant

Integrated with social media: The integration of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the restaurant has been able to promote its website. The restaurant has been able to create a consistent hashtag to promote and announce their events.

Allow online booking

Another benefit of websites is that they allow customers to book online. This means that restaurants no longer need to rely solely on phone calls to take reservations. It also allows them to keep track of how busy they are at different times of day.

How we implemented online booking for Keobi Restaurant

We integrated a simple online booking plugin with the website, so customers are able to book and reserve a seat at specified day and time. Patrons are able to make reservations to celebration different occasions or simply get together with friends and/or family.

Are you looking for a website for your new or existing restaurant business?

The first step towards creating a successful online presence is choosing the right platform. There are many options available today, and each offers a different set of features and benefits.

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