NonProfits and Small Businesses

With your new website, you can take your business to the next level:

  • Establish your presence on the world wide web so you can drive more customers to your business .
  • Connect your website with your social media so you can interact with your social media followers.
  • Create a shopping cart to sell online, if desired.

With your new website, your nonprofit organization can:

  • Boost fundraising by demonstrating to donors how your organization is using the funds they’ve generously given.
  • Provide useful information to the public around the issues your organization champions.
  • Grow your membership by letting people know how to join your organization via your website.
  • Increase media coverage for your organization cause by letting the media know more how you accomplish your goals and missions.
  • Solicit for volunteers by sharing your needs online and encouraging participation.
  • Post calendars of your upcoming events and activities.