How to Enlarge Your Customer Base

Enlarge Your Customer Base . . . Make Your Small Business Bigger

Looking to enlarge your customer base but you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount for a website?

If you are a service small business, nonprofit organization, or an NGO, on a tight budget and would like to have an online presence  to enlarge your customer base . . . 

To Build The Website That Fits Your Budget

 I have been building WordPress websites for over 5 years serving small businesses and nonprofit organizations. I work with each one to build a website that fits their budgets. 

A more interactive website can attract more customers, increase your sales, and generate more donations for your charity and . . .

I will Give You Technical Input

I don’t just build a website for you but I will provide with all the technical information you need to run your website effectively.  I suggest some features but it is all primarily about your vision, your idea, and your business, your organization; blended with my design and technical solutions to make your website as smoothly as possible.

Plus, You Can Tell Your Story, and Enlarge Your Customer Base  . . .

  . . . On Just One Page

Sometimes, you don’t need dozens of pages to get your message across to online visitors. One page, or landing page could be just what you need. All you need is a short and sweet information!

•Less information to skim through 
• Deliver relevant information to your visitors
• Higher visitors’ engagements 
• and likely more convert more visitors to customers
• Easy to maintain website

Turn Your Online Visitors to Customers and Clients

This one page website, the only landing page or squeeze your visitors will see, and it will show everything about your business or organization that you want visitors to know . . . and your short story about your business could convert visitors to customers and clients.

Watch the video below for a demo of a landing page:

Don’t Wait Until You Have a Big Budget!

I am here to help you in the journey to getting more customers and clients to patronize your business, or to increase membership and donations to your organization.

Live Large with Less Space

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