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Choosing a Web Hosting for Your Website in 2022

What is web hosting and how to make use of it?

Web hosting is a type of service that allows businesses, organizations, and/or individuals to host or house a website on the Internet. A web hosting service provider is an IT business that provides the technical know-how and services needed for the website to be viewed on the internet. Web hosting is a common term to explain the type of web services you receive. Such services include:

  • Domain name registration.
  • Using this domain name for serving a website such as
  • Having a website building tool or a blog or CMS application.
  • Using email by your domain name
  • Others like backing up your important data online, plus more.

Free web hosting?

There are times when you don’t necessarily have to purchase a web hosting service. You can have your own web hosting for free – almost every computer with internet access can offer web hosting with a little technical knowledge on your end. However, it will cost you money to use the services of a reliable web hosting, especially, if you have a busy and feature-rich web site because it requires a complex setup. So, it all depends on your needs and abilities. Fortunately, most people have common needs, which include a relatively simple website (blog, CMS, forum or other mainstream software) and an email solution for their domain name.

Shared or Cloud hosting?

For people that need the popular shared hosting solution, there are different affordable plan levels that can suit your business needs. The drawback is that hosting resources are shared among low-end users in terms of performance and configuration flexibility. For example, if your application has a specific server requirement you should not expect the shared server to be re-configured to meet your needs. That’s where the more expensive cloud solutions come – usually high-end servers with dedicated resources which allow much faster performance and global server re-configurations. 

Prices can be as low as $3 per month for most shared hosting companies to a low-end of $100 for a Cloud solution. 

Apartment versus Single-family House

Think of shared hosting in terms of renting an apartment versus owning a single-family house. Apartment dwellers share walls and the security of the building. While you have a door to your own apartment, everyone enters the building via one main door. You share walls with, possibly annoying, next-door neighbors; and you do not have a say on general home maintenance.  On the other hand, a high-end cloud service is like owning a single-family house where you have a better control over everything.

How do I choose a suitable hosting plan?

Choosing a suitable hosting plan depends a lot on the type and the needs of your website or business. In most cases, shared hosting plans could fit your website needs.

Share hosting plan is a great option for a small and medium-size blog, personal or small business website. 

Cloud hosting is ideal for large ecommerce sites, because it provides dedicated resources and an autoscaling option. This can save you downtime and revenue losses in times of unforeseen traffic peaks. It is also the best option for big hosting resellers; it allows you to create white-label clients and custom hosting resources for each of your clients.

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